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CGM-1 Cold Cutting Machine includes:
• Base cold cutting machine 
• Blade guard
• blade shut-off valve
• Service wrenches
• Parts and operating manual
• “T” handle for lowering and raising the cutting blade
• Torque wrench for tensioning the drive chain
• Rugged steel storage box 

Not Included:
• Severing blades, beveling blade and drive chain required (order separately)

The Mathey Pneumatic or Hydraulic Powered CGM-1 Chain Driven Cold Cutting System will cut and bevel most machinable materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, ductile Iron, cast iron and most other alloys without spark or flame. The rugged and powerful CGM-1 is ideal for new construction, fabrication, tear down or removal of components for replacement.

The heavy-duty chain tensioning mechanism, encased in an all high strength alloy frame, provides the necessary rigidity and strength for cutting pipe at the highest travel speed possible. The frame of the CGM has six (6) wheel positions to closely follow radius of the pipe for improved tracking. 

The CGM’s two-speed-drive gear box provides positive movement of the machine around the pipe in all types of pipe cutting conditions. No out-of-round compensation is needed, as the machine follows the pipe outside diameter, producing an even and consistent cut. The drive chain can be shortened or lengthened to accommodate 6" to 72" (152-1829mm) pipe or vessels.

The tough gearbox of the blade drive system is designed to take the heavy sustained cutting loads encountered with continuous operation. The severing blade and right and left beveling blades can be changed without removing the machine from the pipe. Right and left beveling blades are available in 30º, 37 1/2º, “U” joint and “J” prep configurations for heavier wall thickness.

A cut that is machine-like in appearance with typical tolerances of .01" (.3mm), is normal on pipes as large as 40" diameter. Guide strips and grooved wheels are available for cutting vertical pipe.

• DEPENDABLE cutting and beveling of thin or thick wall pipes or tubes.
• PRECISE CONTROL of cutter and machine speeds produce a machine finish required for automated welding. 
• A SECOND CUT IS NOT REQUIRED as the CGM bevels both sides of the cut SIMULTANEOUSLY. 
• ONE MACHINE can cut and bevel pipe or tube 6" to 72" (152 to 1826mm) in diameter.
• RUGGED DESIGN permits the machine to be operated in desert, ocean or mountainous environments.
• ACCURATE cold cutting and beveling of large pipes and vessels.
• SAFETY SHUT-OFF VALVE turns the machine off automatically if blade guard is raised. 
• ELIMINATES RISK of fire or explosion due to no spark or flame.


Cutting Range of Horizontal Pipe.

6" – 72" / 152mm – 1.8m*

Cutting Range of Vertical Pipe.

16"-72" / 406mm - 1.8m**

Maximum Cutting Depth of 45,000 psi Tensile Strength with 37 1/2º Bevel Angle.

Pneumatic – 1 1/4" / 31.8mm***
Hydraulic – 1 1/2" / 38mm***

Maximum Cutting Depth of 70,000 PSI Tensile Strength with 37 1/2º Bevel Angle.

Pneumatic – 5/8" / 16mm***
Hydraulic – 1 1/16" / 27mm***

Maximum Cutting Depth of 70,000 PSI Tensile Strength with Severing Blade Only. ****

Pneumatic – 1 1/4" / 31.8mm
Hydraulic – 1 1/2" / 38mm

Cutter Motor

Pneumatic – 3.75HP / 2.75KW
Hydraulic – 5.4HP / 4KW motor connected to a
Worm Drive Transmission

Cutter Speed

Pneumatic – 71 RPM
Hydraulic – 76 RPM

Drive Motor

Pneumatic - .75HP / .56KW Motor connect 
to a Multi-Gear Transmission
Hydraulic - 1.3HP / 1KW Motor connect 
to a Multi-Gear Transmission

Maximum Forward Speed

Pneumatic – 0 – 1-1/2" / 38mm per minute
Hydraulic – 0 – 2 9/16" / 65mm per minute

Feed Method

Positive Non-slip 4-mesh Chain Drive

Air Requirement

90 psi at 142 Cubic feet per minute
6.2 bar at 4,000 liter per minute

Hydraulic Requirement

1420 psi at 20 gallons per minute
100 bar at 72 liters


Main Control shuts off all Air or Hydraulic Pressure to CGM. The Valve is interlocked to Feed Control avoiding damage to the Blade. Forward / Neutral / Reverse Valve to control machine. Cutter and Drive Motor Metering Valves that control blade and forwarding speed.


Powder Paint Coated

Machine Dimensions

22" x 25-5/8" x 14-1/8" / 560 x 650 x 360mm

Storage Box

38" x 28 1/2" x 26" / 965 x 724 x 660mm

Net Weight (lbs / kg)

Pneumatic – 302 / 137
Hydraulic – 317 / 144

Shipping Dimensions (W x D x H)

38" x 29" x 26" / 965 x 737 x 660mm

Shipping Weight (lbs / kg)

Pneumatic – 625 / 283
Hydraulic – 675 / 306


*Special wheels required for 6" pipe

** Guide strips and grooved wheels required when cutting vertical pipe

*** Single pass cutting depth. Special beveling blades required. When cutting at maximum depth listed, an extended amount of time will be required to cut the pipe.

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